Call Shop Solution for Improved Calling Experience

Call Shop solution is a perfect solution to create an internet cafe or network of call-shops. It is used to provide cheap calling services to the resellers or direct call-shop users. The call-shop solution allows clients to make international or local calls using least cost routes, yet with the crystal clear quality. This will allow them to enjoy talking with their dear ones with the highest quality, and that also in their budget.

Core Features of Call Shop Solution:

  • Using single callshop software, a whole network of CallShop or Internet Café can be setup
  • Support prepaid and postpaid calling services
  • Flexible call rates
  • Configurable rate cards
  • Compatible with majority of carriers
  • Instant invoice generation
  • Instant CDR generation

Core Benefits of Call Shop Solution:

  • Multiple call support
  • Rapid calling at best rates
  • Crystal clear voice quality
  • Local call support
  • International call support
  • No access cost
  • Improved business growth model
  • And more

We, at PrayanTech, offer custom CallShop solution design, development, deployment, and support services.

Why Choose us?

  • White label solution development
  • Skilled developers
  • Client-centric working model
  • Competitive rates
  • Agile methodology
  • Quick support

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