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IVR System by PrayanTech

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IVR(Interactive Voice Response) Solution is an innovative way to attend your callers instantly and graciously. It will allow you to attend your clients, even after office hours and during the holidays. The software will play a custom and professional welcome prompt for your callers to greet them. After greeting message, the caller will hear an IVR menu played by the system, and can choose the appropriate option. The caller can interact with the interactive voice response menu using their voice or DTMF input. The Interactive Voice response system can be either having voice recognition or DTMF based response recognition mechanism. It can also have the combination of both. This solution can also be used to allow your customers to take a few actions automatically such as bill payment, booking an appointment or flight, etc.

We, at Prayantech, offer custom IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu design, development and configuration services. We also provide the consultancy, support as well as customization services to update your existing system.

Core Features of Interactive Voice Response System:

  • Detect incoming call and connect it automatically
  • Play custom welcome prompt
  • DTMF support
  • Voice recognition
  • Multilingual Support
  • Dial out
  • Automated call routing
  • Automated call transferring
  • Voicemail support
  • Database Access support
  • Payment processing support
  • Text to speech conversion
  • Recording
  • Voice recognition
  • CDR
  • Call logs
  • And more

Core Benefits of Interactive Voice Response Solution:

  • Automatically Attend calls, which works as an auto receptionist
  • Route callers to the right department, right person
  • More professional appearance
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Improved productivity
  • More productive usage of available resources
  • Automate certain customer operations
  • Improved ROI
  • And more

Why Choose Us for your IVR Software Development?

  • Rich experience of developing custom IVR solutions
  • Expertise in customizing the existing IVR systems
  • Transparent working model
  • Quick support
  • Affordable rates

We would love to hear from you about your IVR related needs, initiate a discussion by contacting us.

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