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FreeSWITCH is a scalable and hefty open source platform. Any simple to complex telecommunication solution can be developed using this technology. It has extensive libraries and modules, which makes it the boon for developers. Prayantech caters its clients with the practical approach and adroitness. We have a team of the most experienced FreeSWITCH developers, who have gained the subject mastery. Our team knows the complete FreeSWITCH architecture and know-how of this platform, which aids our clients with professional development services in FreeSWITCH.

FreeSWITCH Technology Features:

  • PBX default implementation
  • Softswitch default implementation
  • Support SIP Protocol
  • Support of Thousands of concurrent calls
  • Shared Line Appearance
  • Interoperates with many protocols
  • Voicemail
  • Call Groups
  • Multi-tenant Support
  • CDR
  • And more

We offer different services including,

  • Custom Development
  • Installation
  • Multi-tenant software development
  • Different telecommunication solution development
  • Consultancy
  • Configuration

It is a very flexible communications solution development platform. We have specialized in developing diversified solutions. Some of them are listed below:

What our clients appreciate the most about us?

  • Professional working approach
  • Meet all the business requirements of a client
  • On time project delivery
  • Quick support
  • Easy Accountability
  • Low Technical Debt
  • Usage of the right tools
  • Agile development methods

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Note: FreeSWITCHâ„¢ is a registered trademark of Anthony Minessale II.