Session Border Controller Solution to Safeguard Your VoIP Network

Session Border Controller solution sits on the border of your VoIP networks and safeguards it from any possible threat and malicious activities. It will ensure to filter the unwanted traffic. It is a high-tech security solution which solidifies your network security and offer uniform network interface. We, at PrayanTech, understand your network and cloud setup, based on the custom need of it; we design a dedicated SBC solution. We provide the custom development services for the SBC software and deploy it in the client VoIP network.

The SBC (Session Border Controller) solution will work as a firewall and will allow only authenticated traffic to enter or leave the network. It will also assist the VoIP switches for call routing. It will maintain the call quality. Our custom SBC solution ensures the highest SIP security from any threat or hack attacks.

Key Features of Session Border Controller Software:

  • Securing the SIP Network from:
    • Toll fraud
    • DOS (Denial of Service) attacks
    • DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks
    • Hack attacks
  • It will safeguard your network by:
    • Hiding the network topology from outside networks
    • Signal encryption using IPSec and TLS
    • Media encryption using SRTP
  • Connect the network to provide uninterruptable Connectivity using different techniques such as,
    • VPN Connectivity
    • NAT traversal
    • Protocol translations between SIP, H.323, SIP-I
    • IPv4 to IPv6 inter-working
    • SIP normalization using header manipulation and SIP message
  • QoS (Quality of Service) assurance by different policies to maintain the quality and setting priorities for the call flows. It uses the techniques such as,
    • Call admission control
    • Traffic policing
    • ToS/DSCP bit setting
    • Rate limiting
    • Resource allocation
    • Protocol inter-working
    • Media inter-working
  • Call Admission Control (CAC) and policing
  • Session routing
  • Media and signaling security
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) mechanisms
  • Media transcoding with an external media server
  • Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA)
  • Redundancy and high availability
  • SIP registration
  • Key Benefits of SBC (Session Border Controller) Solution:

    • Completely Secured Network
    • Advanced Security from call traffic
    • Powerful call routing
    • Extensive traffic screening
    • Detailed troubleshooting
    • Safeguard from all types of attacks
    • Rapid service enablement
    • Redundant Architecture
    • Reduced Network running cost
    • Detailed call logs

    What our clients appreciate the most about us?

    • Domain Expertise
    • Completely secure SBC Software development
    • Easily reachable
    • Competitive rates
    • On time delivery

    Let’s make your SIP network more secure with our custom SBC Solution, Contact us to discuss in detail.

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